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Selena Gomez scene

Added by 4 years ago
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BranBro4935 9 months ago
I think this is a scene from one of her new Disney shows, I could be wrong though ;-)
DonTom 1 year ago
well done ! hot one !
stefan931993 1 year ago
who is the girl `?
Princess18 1 year ago
Its pure fake lol
blondeebee 2 years ago
gohaway, I think you have mental issues.....

suspend reality for a few minutes and enjoy the well intentioned effort....
poker_wizard 3 years ago
Yup, its fake. Nice try though. Whoever is that look-a-like, looks good; but she's not Selena.
migjak 3 years ago
stateside 3 years ago
rudderless was not a good movie and if Selena had really done a sex scene that wouldn't have saved the movie only made it even more confusing...if that is possible
FTR745 3 years ago
Nice! Definitely makes you hope something like this actually comes out with Selena.
ghoaway 4 years ago
Rudderless. Except obviously from the fake porn scenes that were just edited into this video
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ghoaway 4 years ago
Rudderless. Except obviously from the fake porn scenes that were just edited into this video
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ghoaway 4 years ago
it's Rudderless you dumb ass!
in reply to blahfaceguy119 (Show the comment)
ghoaway 4 years ago
yes the main footage of the video is, but the fucking cheap porn scenes edited into this video are OBVIOUSLY NOT from the original film
in reply to xxdreamnightxx (Show the comment)
ghoaway 4 years ago
a film called Rudderless. but not those cheap porn scenes, those were edited in to make it look like they're from the original film and make it look like it's selena. it's obviously not her doing it
in reply to zleaper (Show the comment)
ghoaway 4 years ago
Stop making stupid shit up. There was no goddamn controversy or anything over Rudderless. Yes the main footage here is taken from the film, but the cheap fuckin porn scenes were OBVIOUSLY inserted in there to fool people. Whoever that porn bitch is, she barely even looks like Selena for fucks sakes.
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ghoaway 4 years ago
OFCOURSE it's not her. Fuck sakes dont you think everyone and their mother would've heard of this all over the internet and the news? The main footage is Rudderless, where she stars. Then someone just kept the audio and inserted some unrelated porn scenes in between, with some bitch who kinda looks like her, but not even that fucking much. It aint Selena on those scenes.
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Gedankengut 4 years ago
could you put a link up, which shows more than just "selena was in this movie?" i couldnt find any proof that this Girl was really her. It could possible be a body-double
venomking 4 years ago
It a fil called rudderless, search it if you dont believe me, there was a lot of controversy about her doing this.
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venomking 4 years ago
I shit you not, its selena. PROOF: It made me so horny when I watched it again
--teens-- 4 years ago
sweetboy20 4 years ago
This won't never happen LOL..this is somebody else.
zleaper 4 years ago
2beFair 4 years ago
its not selena gomez but who is she ?
xxdreamnightxx 4 years ago
No its from her New Movie, Rudderless.
blahfaceguy119 4 years ago
the movie name is spring breakers
nightrider4u 4 years ago
the Video is GOOD i dont care who the actress is But would love to know the movie name
devispro 4 years ago
not really selena gomez its someone who looks alot like her
zleaper 4 years ago
I registered just so I could as what movie this is from, please tell
Dubai_Cuckold 4 years ago
extra sexy
jimmy201 4 years ago
Fake mais pas mal fait ^^
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