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Published by 5 years ago

With Anna Lombardi, Christine Verger, Lydie Marlene & Sandy Wilson

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dollypervert 7 days ago
Ya, it looked better natural. 
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dollypervert 7 days ago
Ya, that's a friggin shame. 
in reply to Tchouk (Show the comment)
Lovingpantys 3 months ago
Great film now this is a porn film yep why cut that lovely bush
VirginMaleUK 4 months ago
I've just watched this again - damn she is gorgeous - would love to fuck that shaved pussy
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newfound1 4 months ago
sounds interesting...
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j216 5 months ago
Who is the lil redhead playin with herself at the begging in the shower?
MIGUEL-88 5 months ago
Very nice! 
Tchouk 6 months ago
Stupid guy shaving this tremendous girl !
PeterStw 7 months ago
oh, this is great :-)
Scheidenspalter 7 months ago
sehr richtig
Scheidenspalter 7 months ago
herrlich wie ihre blanke scheide geteilt wird, der reife mann macht es ihr gut und später erfährt sie anale freuden, ganz besonders wichtig für ein junges mädchen
gezbo 8 months ago
Great flick! But, why did he cut that beautiful bush?
hbl 8 months ago
Such a hot vintage movie. The young girl shaved and sodomized makes me very horny. I'd like to see more films of her
VirginMaleUK 8 months ago
Nice tits too.......damn I'm horny now
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JM27 8 months ago
Gotta go with you on that! Looked like a tight and amazing ass fuck too!
in reply to VirginMaleUK (Show the comment)
osukaa2 9 months ago
That beauty
jimmcd 10 months ago
no viagra in those ,,,,when men were men,,,,lol. Thanks
VirginMaleUK 10 months ago
The more I see this, the more I want to fuck the first girl that had her pussy shaved, she's cute
Dirtyoldmanuk 11 months ago
mmmmmmmmmmmm love these sluts.
klan12 11 months ago
come in private Pitfull ;)
in reply to Pitfull (Show the comment)
cuckslutloser 1 year ago
She’s a cutie
oletom 1 year ago
New mission to find vids or movies of her mother
in reply to Gerard123 (Show the comment)
Arbeitslos 1 year ago
Yes indeed, JayKayTay! Don'cha just adore they way a young girl looks.... when she does not shave... anywhere? The silky-fine body hair is so... adorkably alluring. Anyone know of any movies where the story line has the girls attending a very strict school, where shaving is forbidden?
......? ( ͡° ͜ ͡° ) ?......
AND... Thanks for uploading this most erotic, vintage movie, Wotdfuck. Never seen anything like it!
...... ! (。◠__◠ 。) ! ......
Don'cha love to watch the girls pretend to be innocent, in their school uniforms and plain-Jane hairstyles. But later, shed those innocent looking outfits... to reveal their scrawny thin, yet alluring bodies... with those firm breasts, still carried high on their chests.
......!(◠ 。◠) ! .....
I just love the erotic theme of schoolgirls gone off to satisfy their urges... with men who are completely outside of their usual circles... so that the girls, at home and at school, can continue to represent themselves as chaste virgins.
......! ( ͡° ͜ ͡° ) !......
Like at 20minutes, when daughter leaves home in a school uniform, but plays hooky, and meets with older guys for... OMG... illicit sex... group sex, with other wayward girls. How shocking! How delightful!
......! ( ° 。° ) !......
The coos, sighs, and cries of pleasure are most pleasing to listen to. Probably dubbed in, but still... very realistic and arousing to hear... for I am an acousticophiliac. Anyone else hear that?
.....! (⌾ ‿ ⌾) !.....
And as the girls enjoy themselves... the expressions on the girls' faces are so wonderful to watch... the legendary looks of "agony yet ecstasy".
╭☞ !( ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡°)!╭☞
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Julie444 1 year ago
oh yes.
in reply to Buttsex123 (Show the comment)
D3AN 1 year ago
Oh My God’s yum Yum YUM....
Buttsex123 1 year ago
Loved watching her at 32 minutes in getting her asshole fucked
Pitfull 1 year ago
Christine is a cutie. Wow, thats a cock and he knows how to use it. I watch and rub myself wishing I was his girl.
angelseven6 1 year ago
the first porn movie i saw.
dog45 1 year ago
I love it but you never see any body com very sexy
james99carling 1 year ago
Giving a schoolgirl her first shave is a wonderful feeling, that most intimate area of her body being violated and fingered for the first time is a delightful experience that I have enjoyed on a number of occasions. Having assisted the Gypsy community in Romania and Bulgaria gave me access to young girls, happy days!!
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