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Sex - Madonna - The Full Video

Published by 5 years ago

Sex - Madonna - The Full Video with Naomi Campbell

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vintage1983 14 days ago
THIS WAS TERRIBLE. I still love the Erotica 1992 album. Give it a listen.
ratc1980 4 months ago
Very difficult for me to get sexually stimulated by Madonna, don't know why... I think I only managed that once or twice as a teen! I think I like her music projects more than her nude scenes.
Jamiewilson 4 months ago
What a load of crap, boring
PanicRock78 8 months ago
Maddie rules!!! Don't question about it!
kunkir91 1 year ago
very sexy video
komakino09 3 years ago
coupleforman 3 years ago
honeydripper14 3 years ago
Agree with Crystal_eye's comment. In addition, this would make a good "Sex" workout tape because man, she's in shape!
droogyxxx 3 years ago
Biguy19710 4 years ago
Pure sex
painterofpayne 4 years ago
I'm one of your biggest fans, musically, and your sexual energy fascinates me, personally. Nice beaver!
mattmozz 4 years ago
oh madonna
Crystal_eye 4 years ago
Not porn.... its art....
sirxxl2008 4 years ago
What a pity that someone had cut out the gangbang scene with the whole film crew ... where all the guys fucked Ciccone's insatiable pooper, covered the ole whore's butt with gallons of cum, made the rotten slut lick their brown dicks clean (while Naomi Campbell cleaned up Madonna's ass & asshole dick after dick!) and finally ruined her hairdo with a BIGGGGG golden shower! *ggg*
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Philatelist 5 years ago
Did Naomi do it for free? Didn't do much for her career. That Madonna smokes like a chimney! Rotten example for her daughter and the younger set on how to behave like a tramp and a slut. Lousy hips but still better than after she started lifting weights.
zcarenow 5 years ago
i don't think the entire video is all her...
Silver_Fox 5 years ago
What is this shit?
airstream58 5 years ago
geile Sau !
slip_kid 5 years ago
she's still hot but she needs to eat more.....;
Caznolimits 5 years ago
Wanna fuck me hard - pleeeeze everyone use me xxxx
NYCslaya 5 years ago
Much ado about nothing..
Mostly sensuality, not truly sexual or porno.
Funny watching old school rap star Big Daddy Kane eposing with Madonna and Naomi Campbell..
chez16 5 years ago
Gave me a Boner!
shungry 5 years ago
I wanna suck cocks with Madonna
waverider99 5 years ago
It has his moments but does not liev up to our fantasies
MarlboroMan 5 years ago
WonkoTheSane 5 years ago
Man, she has such a dark bush you can't actually see anything even when she is showing it!
skieviking 5 years ago
blowmyhorn1 5 years ago
what! no dp, what is this crap.
Beerke 5 years ago
The one and only reason to watch her.... ;-) ;-) ;-)
satyr6 5 years ago
Thanks for posting - never got to see this, but...
(just like Madonna)
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