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Short hair Facial Compilation

Added by 6 years ago
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pantybuyer 7 months ago
rudiger98 1 year ago
roxy was the star of the century
Fyrd 1 year ago
Roxy was extraordinarily erotic with a fabulous body, lovely face and pixie hair-style, but after posting a few videos she suddenly disappeared as suddenly as she had arrived. I often wonder why, what happened to her and what she looks like now. She still gets my cock hard and drains my balls. It would be marvellous if she did another video now for her numerous fans.
Frotteur 1 year ago
She's gorgeous. I would have loved to hear her asking for the cum, too.
toyboy3 2 years ago
angesehen, für geil befunden, drauf gewixxt und abgespritzt! LG
austin_mwm 2 years ago
I love short haired girls and I jerk off to this one a lot. Thanks for posting it so long ago!
Ynotsex 2 years ago
Cute cum coax
laust 2 years ago
laust 2 years ago
loadmaster1 3 years ago
shes so fuckin hot
semsania 3 years ago
franklyperv2 3 years ago
such a hot lady… sadly, no sound :(
Straponlove 3 years ago
luv short hair!!
in reply to kaenor (Show the comment)
viprazane 4 years ago
wow she's a drinker !
samensahne 4 years ago
nothing is hotter than cumming on a short haired whore!
newtonstuart 4 years ago
JoeyB 4 years ago
nettramp 4 years ago
muy muy bien!

que arrrrrrrrrrrrte!
RaidenWaves 4 years ago
I think a facial compilation especially dedicated to short-haired chicks is one of the best ideas I've come across in a long time. I wish it was longer...much longer. :-)
noshimday 4 years ago
Love the sexy short hair sexy !!
SoftPillows 5 years ago
Sexy video... no audio.
JoeyB 5 years ago
love the chick that was featured a few times
Maxinquaye 5 years ago
hotomaieru9 6 years ago
Love to cum on her face. Needs to swallow though.
InvisibleAlmost 6 years ago
Roxy is awesome
kaenor 6 years ago
bancadelseme 6 years ago
questa donna mi piace da impazzire.
ewoody 6 years ago
Nothing better than a cock and cum phreak...
nohandle1 6 years ago
Weird chick and not too good looking either
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