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Sjambok Beating

Published by JustNo1 2 years ago
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NoLimetslavehh 4 days ago
liebe  intensiv BDMS peitschen sind so heiss
NoLimetslavehh 25 days ago
i need it randome hard
Cappy1836 1 month ago
Excellent. Love the fact you gave her extra for not staying in position for you. Perfectly fine.
henky47 2 months ago
Super way to do some asstraining. Love her crowling under the whip
aboyne 6 months ago
must be the best instrument
more please
toplobo64 8 months ago
yamaha1680 9 months ago
i loved the whipping sounds and how she jumps up and down and all around..i remember hearing girls get the paddle in school and they sound like her, and i'd always be filled with compassion listening for their 3 5 10 hot licks, and i liked the way that the office always seemed to stay smelling all pissy-wet from different ones wetting on the chairs while awaiting their punishment with the paddle..what a turn on 
Kuatro 9 months ago
sterlingass 1 year ago
a little too red, but a nice color nonetheless.
nitehawk45 1 year ago
Awesome hearing her whimper...
johnkey2222 1 year ago
I like seeing that scrumptious peach of a bottom, it just feels so good...
theninja 2 years ago
OMG, absolutely fantastic. i will have to get a sjambok, as i would love to watch my wife being beaten with one
Holyboyislost 2 years ago
Is there anything more exquiste than the sjambok?
Pain_for_you 2 years ago
ja, so ein Sjambok zeckt ordentlich....
wunderschöner Arsch - jetzt ist er gut durch
philippe763 2 years ago
Elle est punie séverement j'espére quelle le mérite c'est fesses sont marquer a cette chienne
submissivelilly 2 years ago
Please punish me like that
Djeff_de_Paris 2 years ago
She is lovely and quite obedient. Her ass is so arousing like this. I appreciate this quite efficient beating instrument.
piiskattavamies 2 years ago
I like !
Gordoncart 2 years ago
Is that fucking Clint if it is these are definitely his best movies
florlui 2 years ago
Hi, great video; excellent
friedrich-wilhelm 2 years ago
Eine wundervolle Session, ein Prachtarsch, sehr gut ein sjambok ein wirksames Instrument
twilight22 2 years ago
Excellent one of the best and authentic, bare bottom thrashings I have seen on here for a long time, wonderful.
Krone123 2 years ago
Malawi-21 2 years ago
very nice vidio!!!!! wow
jukkar 2 years ago
Excellent. Would be nice to know where this kind of instrument could be either bought or if it would be easy enough to make something quite similar.
masterontop75 2 years ago
what a good BITCH
JustNo1 2 years ago
The real ones are made of hippopotamus or rhino's skin/hide, so I assume it's pretty hard to "deal with it".
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Pain_for_you 2 years ago
ein wirklich hübscher und gut trainierter Hintern. Ein Sjambok ist ein wirklich hartes Instrument - auch wenn es nicht so aussieht...
Cato144 2 years ago
Her nice ass gets a very hard and beautiful castigation. She has a nice body, but her face should be shown as she screams and whines and her face gets covered by tears.
nipkor 2 years ago
Very hard , loved watching
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