Stacy Martin nude - Nymphomaniac (Directors Cut)

Published by SearchCelebrityHD 4 years ago

Stacy Martin nude - Nymphomaniac (Director`s Cut) - by Search Celebrity HD

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chub89 7 months ago
The guy in the grey suit - wow!
deepmidight 11 months ago
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flinteruk 1 year ago
this is a good film
smile7 1 year ago
expatta 1 year ago
at 7:20 is that the dude from game of thrones? the dude who worships the many faced god?
TheCreatorofCosmos 1 year ago
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needthekitty 2 years ago
no, they used porn stars for all the sex. then put the actors face on in post production.
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Magickarp 2 years ago
that one was unexpected... and quite sad, but still thank u for it.
fucker8888 2 years ago
No they only used porn doubles for the ejaculation scenes all the actual sex is the real actors
ohka 2 years ago
she is hot but a bit dull in some scenes
Johnson994 3 years ago
Thin hot horny girl that fucks like crazy without condom no matter what. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My type of girl. Did she catch any sexual transmittable diseases? If she did I bet she wouldn't bother getting treated and keep fucking like crazy with how horny she is. I would fuck her like crazy without condom.
kinkster1970 4 years ago
Now why can't I meet(or meat, preferably) a girl like her?!?! Super Hot!!!
Doggy_Stylez 4 years ago
like charlotte its supose to be body double,great job on that if its really true
obeissant24 4 years ago
Very nice movie
funky3026 4 years ago
Really an awesome movie from these scenes one can judge,,,,!!!!
slye10001000 4 years ago
HOT! If anyone cares, the organ music is by Bach -"Ich ruf zu dir"
hdw3d 4 years ago
great movie :D
tin_man334 4 years ago
All the interviews say they use porn doubles. At any rate, the movie was outstanding!
AnimatedGifs2015 4 years ago
still dont know if its really them or body doubles,for the 3 girls
kidneydisney1 4 years ago
Well I don't think a celeb would sit there in an interview and say...O yes, Did you like my pussy, that was all me...or...god that cock was rock hard and I sucked it till it came...of course they are gonna say it was all fake.
kokolap1 4 years ago
Very nice ^^
sicarius 4 years ago
I don't care if the sex scene were real or fake. It is wonderfully directed and acted. Excellent movie
ilikejuice 4 years ago
winofree 4 years ago
She used a double for all sex scenes... The penis in blowjob scene is fake...

One interview:

"How were your sex scenes worded in your contract?
We had a nudity contract. Everything was set in stone before we did the film, so we all knew what we were doing. I was told that I would have a porn double—that I wouldn’t be doing anything sexual. We all agreed—and Lars agreed—that we would be using prosthetics and just stuff like that.

The blowjob scene in particular looks incredibly real.
Yeah, it looks real. I mean, I’m convinced that it looks real—but no, it’s not real. It’s not a real penis… They made fake vaginas and fake penises and we used them for that."
MasterPerv 4 years ago
So....I'd like to think all my female Xhammmmmm friends are just like Stacy ;-) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely little Nympho :-)D
DanielPortenio 4 years ago
I've seen the full movie. Its genre is not Porn, it is Evil.
Lots of genitality, but no desire, no lust, no joy.
It is wonderfully directed and acted, has a fantastic scene by Uma Thurman (not nude) and multiple references to Math and Philosophy.
If you want to see four hours of sad bad behaviour, watch this film.
radiodictum 4 years ago
A cut above the usual celeb stuff.
michelangeloss 4 years ago
masturblover 4 years ago
poker_wizard 4 years ago
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