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Straight College Frat Guys try Gay for Pay!

Published by 8 years ago

Straight College Frat Guys try Gay SEX for Pay!..................................Hello Fans, make sure you rate 5star and kindly comment on my videos.Doing so, gets you more of my PLEASANT taste in videos uploads for your pleasuring"LOL" Thanks and enjoy:)

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bijimdwt 1 year ago
hot Clip
phoenix1954 2 years ago
love to be sucking and fucking each and everyone of those hotguys....and then getting fucked by them all....wooof
FiveByFiveFVS 3 years ago
Fuck yeah
bryan3 3 years ago
I think I could go for the "gay for pay" thing, but how much would I have to pay?
alonenhorny 4 years ago
And Im str8 but have been oral with a few guys and will tell you how much I agree with you. Actually I luv giving better!!
in reply to QockHappy (Show the comment)
alonenhorny 4 years ago
damn I wish i was to experience something like this!! Extremely hot video!!
maxmanx4 6 years ago
Another great vid and thanks for sharing


grimm00 6 years ago
hot :3
okiebest1976 7 years ago
damn sexy
crkeil 7 years ago
Hot video, thanks for sharing.
Autolycus 7 years ago
Kinda sweet...
I'm sure I've seen the guy with the yellow wrist band in other gay for pay videos. He seemed genuine. If it is him, he's English, and even popped up in a Triga video orgy scene, but all he did was sit in the corned and wank. He didn't partake fully, which is a shame, as he's fit as fuck...
Appollon 7 years ago
mmhhh ORGY
tez62 7 years ago
Vid ok, but great music !
rsmarner35 7 years ago
fuckin hot holes...
rsmarner35 7 years ago
fuckin hot holes...
kzdiver 7 years ago
This is filthy. I love it!
pocket123 7 years ago
aha, they are sooo straight... very hot though
QockHappy 8 years ago
i use to be srtaight until one drunken night some guy sucked me into thae gay way. Now I love sucking srtaight guys off. Men suck dick so much better than chicks.
retroboi 8 years ago
Nice clip!
CaptainJackn 8 years ago
primeC 8 years ago
Best part of this video is the song at the end. it was featured in a badass movie thats not well known "13th floor" flix it, trust me. ty for the video AND the song
kmcar 8 years ago
Thanks for sharing
vegaspriceless 8 years ago
chilg30 8 years ago
Yes, Stud "fitchlove21" this is a few clips from Straight College Men. Dean who is truly in it for the money, always makes me smile to see him trying so hard to convince us he's gay. But seriously, Dean has to be straight because he never gets hard:-). He will take cock up his ass,suck cock but I have never seen that true hard-on from him"LOL".. I think it's great that he is so open minded. Plus he's hot which is another plus for a bi-sexual man like myself:-)
fitchlove21 8 years ago
Treetop88 8 years ago
About as straight as a banana !!
jrboy205 8 years ago
SCM all the way baby!!!!! dean is my fav.
throatmeplease 8 years ago
My kind of fun...................
Beastlyspirit 8 years ago
Hoooottttttt!!!!! vid Sexy guys I hate porn with music
BlaqJm18 8 years ago
Awesome video! But I dont see one Straight guy in this video. It looks like gay sex to me which is always good in my book!
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