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Sweet Teen vs Mandingo's BBC - Carolina Sweets

Published by xclips 1 year ago

Watch as this tiny spinner takes Mandingo balls deep in this intense interracial gonzo sex scene.

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XWHITE_SEED 2 days ago
This is racist propaganda! What about all black men with a small penis? These white women with small breasts from America are all indoctrinated. These women are ruined in the soul.
be_bad_4u 3 months ago
Looks like someone is pushing a constipated turd in and out of her cunt. I guess, in fact, someone is.
droasing39 3 months ago
i wish this was my backyard lol
horny4ever88 4 months ago
i can
Roludo26CM 4 months ago
Holy shit! I can't believe this candy handle that BBC...
blackout001 4 months ago
Gerne Miss Lisa...schreib ihm an...einfach dein gluck probieren, vieleicht klappt es :-)
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Anytinggoes 5 months ago
Straight to fav
PeterStw 8 months ago
Waaaw very hot
I would so suck her pussy and his amazing cock while he was fucking her and then let him ass fuck me.
osukaa2 10 months ago
oh, this is great :-)
manyhoes 10 months ago
who u think gone read all that shyt u made up
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manyhoes 10 months ago
white hoe taking mandingo
Naruto23m 11 months ago
runninron69 12 months ago
So,when you going to let her watch you and see how much of that big black cock you can take up your ass? Fairs fair after all.
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runninron69 12 months ago
GOD! I want all that cock up my ass and that cum down my throat!
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-Drew- 1 year ago
I would love my ass wrapped around that amazing cock!
xclips 1 year ago
Man, you deserve an "anti-trophy" for your racist comment. What's wrong with you?!
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gman1114 1 year ago
Impressed. ->  Come on gang -  no unnecessary feuds. :-/
DanielaHere 1 year ago
You are an idiot.
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calijeff 1 year ago
Great story dipshit, I'm sure she has about 5 diff STDs from those monkeys now
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lindanoot 1 year ago
Would love a bbc!
tannedcock711 1 year ago
Neat! He stretched her really good. I used to have a BBC friend of mine that used to stretch my ex-wife air tight.
Lisa1993 1 year ago
den würde ich so gern mal ausprobieren.......der is mega groß ;)
Gape_the_Ass 1 year ago
Ich stehe auf sowas. Suche auch ein schlankes Girl für meinen großen Schwanz
ripheropen 1 year ago
I got addicted to mandingos cock years ago. I couldnt stop fantasizing about a big black cock like that fucking my short petite big booty 18 yr old wife(at the time). She always acted like she wasnt into black guys. But they were definately into her because shes hot as fuck and has a fucking hige ass to be so petite. Id tease her about it. Started sending her pics etc. After awhile of showing her mandingo porn it started to get to her. I noticed she was adding alot of black guys on Facebook etc. The restaurant she served at had alot of black guys in the kitchen and as customers. Id tease her about them all the time. Shed play along. She started buying new dress pants that mnade her ass look even bigger. Everytime id visit her id catch her in the back teasing or flirting with them. A couple of them was tall and swole as fuck. Great looking guys too. Honestly sexy. Id have a hard time not fucking them if i was a chick. One day i noticed one of the ones she was flirting with had a huge bulge. And i mean huge i just stared at it. When i left i texted her your big black bf has a fucking huge cock. She replied "which one". I said "lol the one you were flirting with when i walked in" she said "i never noticed ill have to look". I said "how could you not see it. Is two to three times the size of mine" she said "I just looked. Youre right that shit is monsterous. I didnt know which one you were talking about" i said "how many huge black cocks are there " she said "right now 4 or 5" i replied "no wonder your late getting home everyday" she said "dont you wish" i said "well yea. Id like to see him pound you with that thing."

Weeks later i got her facebook password. Throughout the day several different big black guys would msg her. She developed an addiction for guys over 6'5". The conversations would get nasty as fuck them teasing each other. Shed send pictures of her ass and have them send pictures of them naked with a hard cock. Several of them worked with her. A couple of them were well over 11 inch. And the one big guy looked like he was 14 inches. One day he asked her if she was finally gonna pay her debt from a bet and suck his cock before work. She replied " sure will. All of it" she had left early that day. After work her msgd "i still cant believe you throated it all" she said "told you i could, but that thing is huge. My husband even noticed it bulging and said it looked 3 times as big as his" he said "is it" she said hes pretty big but your almost 2 times as long and fat". He said "so you gonna finally give me that ass, you keep teasing me with. Youve done fucked 5 other black guys here" she said "yea after work tomorrow, walk me to my car" so i rented a car and parked near her in the garage. He walked with her and when tgey got there she started throating his cock. He st
papawayne 1 year ago
Damn, it fit !!!
Cm4me2 1 year ago
She's gorgeous...Nice
bipboyxyz 1 year ago
Ruined for everyone else
Thank you