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Tall Heavy Built Blonde Amazon Woman Whips Her Slave

Published by thethriller 7 years ago
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teeboona584 29 days ago
I love being whipped by a naked femdom!
nikossi 2 months ago
ςος ηαρδ μιστρεσσ
girlieguy 4 months ago
She is fantastic - this video conveys the excitement of a dominant woman - my Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law do this for me
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twinnreverb 5 months ago
One of the best videos ever.    Wish I could see more and more of her and her SLAVE!
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nicedogge 5 months ago
Oh, to be flogged by a beautiful, naked Amazon...
MrBigPants 8 months ago
She is Karen Bell at, but can't find shit. If anyone has more content send me PM
Pandrews 8 months ago
yes, she can do me, please!
femdlvr 1 year ago
Please, someone must know who she is, pm me, please!
piiskattavamies 1 year ago
She is Fantastic Lady!
Varava 1 year ago
Glück für ihn!
girlieguy 1 year ago
Perhaps in the next session - LOL!
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girlieguy 1 year ago
Yes, she is fucking him up and we love it
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girlieguy 1 year ago
She's beautiful and does a great job of whipping him like he deserves
cbll 2 years ago
She should have crushed his fingers with her high heels
twinnreverb 2 years ago
She is incredible. She is fucking that slave up. More of her PLEASE!
Pandrews 2 years ago
i would be interested in a session with this goddess Of course. I would like a full session, maybe finish with a golden shower?
friedrich-wilhelm 2 years ago
Wo finde ich diese Amazone? Mit ihr möchte gerne eine Session erleben.
bisexual_loser 2 years ago
Amazing woman. Who is she ?
TheCatzzMeeow 2 years ago
I'm kind of speechless...and, mesmerized. I'm not into pain and getting whipped. In fact, I'm a bit DOM with women, and sub with men. But, nothing close to this. I couldn't stop watching, even though she sounds like a bad actress. However, I love her body. I wonder the whipping gets her wet. And, if so, I'd love to eat her cunt and ass. Does it make the slave hard? So many questions...The biggest one for me is...why did it make my cock soooooooo HARD, and make me CUM so hard?
Someone50 2 years ago
Damn she is very sexy amazon
Great vid , very erotic
tallcyberslave 2 years ago
omg.....i want to be him
cbll 3 years ago
Love to watch that powerful mild give some dirty old perv a good kicking with her high heels for ogling her
subwannabe 3 years ago
Men need to be reminded now and then who is in charge
friedrich-wilhelm 3 years ago
Da möchte ich der Nächste sein
bigba500 3 years ago
A Goddess, der Inbegriff einer Herrin.
marcslav 3 years ago
hot and exciting mistress
mr123456v 3 years ago
Must be a LEDA video with Ed Lee getting another whipping His tongue should be really worshiping /cleaning her asshole
franzkiss 3 years ago
who knows please help your site
franzkiss 3 years ago
bin total verliebt
franzkiss 3 years ago
wie heist diese göttin
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