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Published by 8 years ago
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ImOnly4U 6 months ago
She gained weight to placate the "dark side of town". Seriously. 
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ImOnly4U 6 months ago
Her presumed name is Mandy Maine. Professionally, she goes by the moniker "Li'l Candy". She seemed so sweet when she first started porn, but now she's a nigga luvva. She could have milked the "sweet and innocent" act for a long time, considering she has always looked very young for her age. But now that she has had jungle fever for a few years, that's all done. And her career might be, also. Her website club membership has been losing members moderately quickly since she's been a "crave digga fo' da grave digga". A horrible waste of what used to be a perfectly fine, cute little human being. Really bad set of life choices at a young age. Such a pity that youth is wasted on the young. 
gatubela1567 7 months ago
best video
osukaa2 9 months ago
oh yes, this is very hot ^.^
Tlee987 1 year ago
look daddy no panties
biohazard1337 1 year ago
perfect xx
justonemoreuser 2 years ago
Hot babe!
trojanduck45 5 years ago
why the fuck does she look like a crack whore
carlgr 5 years ago
buddybear21 6 years ago
one of the best videos
sblack 7 years ago
the girl is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.! love her tight and natural body. thanks for the link coroebus.
pikko 7 years ago
Everyone likes a Lil Candy!
coroebus 7 years ago
I can be back every day for her!
coroebus 7 years ago
Lovely tiny girl! She has great potential
Hourglass 8 years ago
Hot and cute! Damn I like this one...
foxxi 8 years ago
fake cream???
carlgr 8 years ago
very hot this is mady main. her web site is
xtacy 8 years ago
Very hot
Legion66 8 years ago
creamy pussy and very cute
britney 8 years ago
Wetdreams 8 years ago
I wopuld cum in all her holes every day and every night...MMMMMM
creampiesrbest 8 years ago
I like to pretend that she is 13 year-old white trash that wants to get pregnant for easy money.
noddy10 8 years ago
mmm i'll love to cum in that cunt
hrdmn10 8 years ago
Smokin' body, love the tiny tits. Too bad that body had to be ruined by that UGLY tat.
brandonshy 8 years ago
snake92666 8 years ago
very nice
RustyD 8 years ago
absolutely adorable. what a cutie
minkuukel 8 years ago
Kut Amerikanen. 1-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
zombieland 8 years ago
loved it.
Guitarzan 8 years ago
What ever happened to Mandy Main? She made a few vids and disappeared?
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