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The wife that found mr 18 inch day 1(cuckold)

Added by 6 years ago
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subwhitesissypanty 9 days ago
I keep staring at his dick and I love it
forbid_pleasure 14 days ago
quel demonte pneu
marcrigot 15 days ago
What a monster !!
eagles175 1 month ago
Love his huge long dick... Me next please xx
luvthechase 4 months ago
Haters kill me. Some people go he is not 18 inches, he only 12 or 13. So what if he is. If the dude has 12 inches, SOFT, that is most men goal and helluva a lot of women fantasy. I bet more women and said "no" out of fear then anything else. And that is a small number. So you can hate on 12 soft inches or you can love 17.4 hard inches. The choice is yours.
rembrandt 4 months ago
she's a very responsive woman...of course, she has plenty to respond to!
lyx2lic 5 months ago
fuck her womb
yakitty 6 months ago
Cha cha! Ya
petercee 8 months ago
never 18 inches he'd need to graft on another six inches. :))
booty315 9 months ago
thats a big women
nounours47 9 months ago
alamoman373 1 year ago
Fill that wife up
14shoe 1 year ago
Agreed ......Tony is one sexy horse hung stud who could have made better flicks. Wonder how his escort career worked. His downfall and why he's hot is he will fuck any hole and get nasty with trannies midgets old white ho's and men
Tonys cock is amazing ! The hairy lean body and those big size 16 feet
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baohong 1 year ago
Cum get me boys. I crave this kind of fun.
Silk001 1 year ago
its hard and very thick can I see her pics
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brotro 1 year ago
My wife like that and love to join in.She loves big black cocks
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migoodguy45 1 year ago
Does anyone know who she is ?
Tejura 1 year ago
Silk001 1 year ago
tellme more about ur 10inch
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rbaker2013 2 years ago
More likje 11", but I remember the first time I had a 10" penis in my pussy - I'll never forget it!
ilovematurewomen1958 2 years ago
love the milf!!!
dangerousdan999 2 years ago
A lovely old video but were inches a different size back then? Or perhaps the poster is a fisherman talking about the size of the one that got away. It is not 18"!
saf20 2 years ago
wow!!!!!!!!!nice video!!!!!!!!!!!
MUSTANG44 3 years ago
well done// nice post ty
devilspy 3 years ago
Longer than my 11+. Her tight married pussy is in for a treat. Cuckold's little dickie shrinks in his chastity cage. lol
iggy12344 3 years ago
o m g this is every womans dream to find a 18" cock and to take it all great but to bad no jizz shots would have loved to see just how much he had to off both in mouth and large jizz shots in pussy wonder if she tried getting it up her ass by him
bc5719 3 years ago
I would love to share his big fat cock with my ex and her giant tits!
boomboomer911 3 years ago
I'm next!
gregsanison 3 years ago
I love Mr Duncan and that sexy mature woman in this - porn brilliance x
subemily_ny 3 years ago
WOW they were HUGE
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