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Three hot blondes in sundresses

Published by 6 years ago

Hotties strip out of their sundresses and eat each other out

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justonemoreuser 2 years ago
Hot lesbian threesome!
moutonbleu61 4 years ago
davidW1967 5 years ago
Very beautiful, the Three Graces!
janeallnight 5 years ago
3 is the magic number :-0
uzmeplz 6 years ago
damn!!! Awesomw chick and wonderful pussy eating
jesterfox 6 years ago
MATT38SOLDIER 6 years ago
minichick32 6 years ago
My hubby derives the craziest pleasure when we watch that video. It shows that we really practise as partners.My dad was a 6 feet 1 inch bloe who delighted to fuck average and short height women with protruded buttocks and pendulous books. He had my mum a short lady of 4feet 10 inches and two mistresses from the village close to my mum. My partner enjoys me and my two sisters,buch and papyyu. These three girls in the videos are just like myself the middle on(tallest) and the other two medium and average as my two sisters.

We sisters , we hvae chosen a common husband for the experience we have had in life and for what our mum and dad did. After we( the three sisters enjoy ourselves), then my hubby fuck each one of us vigorously. Sometimes he fucked the shorter sister papyyu who has got large buttock and huge breast(height 5 ft 2 inches0, then he jumps on buchu who is 1m 81 cm with broad shoulders and fleshy back , plump botttocks and good sized breast before coming to myslef baby( as he called me) standing on 1m 84 cm with size 38 bra, semi flat buttocks but with a high sex appetite. Watching my hubby fucking my two sisters make me impatient as I fear that he discharges all his sperm in their juicy cunts and have nothing to soak my deep hole.
roumi 6 years ago
awesome blondes in action
rotala 6 years ago
i wouldn't say they are all blonde. but they are all hot...
COA1990 6 years ago
Emma1981 6 years ago
i like it xx
Phoolio 6 years ago
they weren't in summer dresses.... they were naked!
eellee 6 years ago
this is what cheerleaders do when alone..mmmmm
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