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UK wives and girlfriends at strippers again

Published by 8 months ago

Few more of the classic clips

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Mario0803 1 month ago
Agree. Bet she had more than a mouthful!
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Mario0803 1 month ago
Love the last one just enjoying sucking. Great women. 
onedirtybastard 1 month ago
the blonde in the red dress was she got taken backstage at the end
black75 1 month ago
Love it when they're on their backs ;-)
jand69 6 months ago
Lovely Brits x
merlin216 6 months ago
Great Video, thanks for sharing.  Some years ago, when I picked my G/F up from a Male Stripper evening, she had won a bottle of wine for the best on stage performance with the Black Male Stripper. Wish I had seen it !
charleyjack 7 months ago
how the fuck can they keep going that long without cumming!! great vid.
cmc66 8 months ago
The tits on that first blonde! If she’d only sucked this would be perfect.
htafc 8 months ago
Fucking love these vids especially the backstage stuff.
Wes-cardiff 8 months ago
Love the backstage stuff
DelboyDublin 8 months ago
Love these clips. Keep em coming!
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