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Uma Colleen and Hillary

Published by youngbg 10 years ago

Three nude old friends

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Doreen90e 9 months ago
Uma in her blue ra i cum i cum
melonysimon 12 months ago
aznative 2 years ago
If you go to the village ladies site you will see this has been going on for many years. In part it is about a calendar. But more it is just fun for them and satisfies the centerfold fantasy. No sensuous strip just disrobe. Adds to the fun.
limavadyjim 2 years ago
brilliant vid,,,,love to see more,,,,do you have any links please
9inf 2 years ago
I want to visit this house
barlym 2 years ago
r-i-g-h-t ....
in reply to phyllis192 (Show the comment)
phyllis192 2 years ago
Well you halfwit. If you knew the story behind 'Village Ladies', then you would know that a film was made about them, with very well known actresses, filling the roles, including Dame Helen Mirren. The ladies decided to make a calendar, to raise money in the hopes that treatment for one of the 'ladies' husbands, who had cancer, would prolong, or even save his life.
Now you know, SHoneT for brains.
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aznative 3 years ago
This is from Village Ladies. Love the site. Just mature gals getting undressed. All seem to have fun doing this. Several sets in different situations.
subtletyisgood 3 years ago
You can't beat a good old sing song round the Joana. I'd love to fuck all three of these great grannies. One at a time and all together. Then one at a time again. Then all together again. For several days.
3goodtwentysixbad 5 years ago
love one on right
jimwebley 5 years ago
Very 'Calendar Girls'!
TFP. Xxx.
shirleysuspender 5 years ago
nice ladies,love the blue undies
miketheman113 5 years ago
love it
ibizaboy 6 years ago
The tall one in the middle wow
bonjours1000 6 years ago
Whouaaaaaaa !!!!
The best !!!!
Fyrd 6 years ago
Colleen is the only one I found erotic and worth fucking, but you had to be quick to catch sight of her.
michaella_cd 6 years ago
Good mix of stills.......Village Ladies...yawn
golias 7 years ago
piusDEStgt 7 years ago
nice idea. old stuff. Noreal video. More pics made to a video. Hot Hot Hot.
A-P 7 years ago
A-P 7 years ago
miklos 8 years ago
rambone1 8 years ago
I'd fuck all 3
Fretler 8 years ago
Lovely British mature women!
Colleen is sooo sexy!
handsonjob 8 years ago
God, was that a piece of crap.
bitoy 8 years ago
GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grannylover55 9 years ago
grannylover55 9 years ago
So hot...
7inchs 9 years ago
i want more please
barlym 9 years ago
i don't understand how this received so many high votes ... this sucked!
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