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Vanessa Del Rio

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Vanessa Del Rio giving head and getting double penetrated.

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johnsn88 6 months ago
oh yes, this is very hot ^.^
mountmycock 2 years ago
Damn Vanessa was one of the best cocksuckers of her era.. the new girls need to watch and learn
ajones35 3 years ago
1979 I believe.
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darkman88 3 years ago
Del Rio Is A Goddess!
bill60mc 5 years ago
If sucking cock was an Olympic event, red hot hunk of woman Vanessa Del Rio would win the gold everytime!
goodfoot 6 years ago
Yes, yes, and yes. I completely agree with everything's that's been said on here. Vanessa's a pro's pro!! There aren't 5 chicks in the HISTORY of porn that are as good as this woman. Thanks!!
bill60mc 6 years ago
This video is more proof that Vanessa Del Rio is the greatest, hottest, and sexiest cocksucker of all time; She's second to none!!!!
bill60mc 6 years ago
Vanessa Del Rio is one red hot world-class cocksucker who could suck the crome off a car bumper!
paulscott 6 years ago
I remember reading an interview with a porn director back then. He said that when itcame to Vanessa Del Rio, he didn't even try to direct her---he just let the camera roll and got out of the way. She was a natural, a true sexual wild woman.
PRFXSHIN 6 years ago
I wonder how old she was durning this Classic film?
bill60mc 6 years ago
Vanessa del Rio is the greatest, hottest, sexiest cocksucker of all time! If she were sucking my cock with those hot, juicy lips of hers, the pleasure would be too much; I would get weak and get goose bumps all over, and my legs and body would feel like they had turned to jello! No one can top her cocksucker skills and talents on how to love on a cock -- NO ONE!
joeytheweasel 6 years ago
tchalla48219 7 years ago
Vanessa is still the queen of porn! These young chicks now need to watch this & learn....
budville 7 years ago
loveheels21 7 years ago
First woman I ever saw do anal and DP...completely blew my young mind!!! LOL
ajones35 7 years ago
Never showed the scene where she was auctioned off. Have to say that was pretty good too :D
k_4what 7 years ago
she's the greatest of all time, when i was 11 i found my dads VHS's of her movies. changed my life. latinas are the best
mjke2006 7 years ago
Vanessa del Rio...una gran vecchia porca
paulscott 7 years ago
I don't care how old she is now, I still want to do her.
tintorera69 7 years ago
will alwayes be hot
A-P 7 years ago
Vanessa was hot over 20 years ago!
Didaaaaa 7 years ago
shes awesome
luisuzzktgui 7 years ago
she is my favorite slut!!
lad1398 7 years ago
Thanks that was great
mrmeme 7 years ago
She is still the Queen!
ILikeItAlot 7 years ago
That woman just knows shit about makin men cum
Jakob2006 7 years ago
Vanessa was the hottest latina in porn. Thanks for the post.
wallace1286 7 years ago
cherry hustlers 1977
general44 7 years ago
She's 58, but i'll still fuck her
handsonjob 7 years ago
She retired from porn in 1999 and will be 58 next month.
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