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vintage college boys

Published by 6 years ago
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bluestrife31 1 year ago
The top reminds me of my horny godbro Who was always wanting to mess around . Similar mouth and voice. Got me so hard
bltsc1 1 year ago
that was hot, fantastic cock too.
crownn 1 year ago
Love that blonde
nickles 2 years ago
this reminds me of the 8mm loops I used to watch in the peep shows back in the 80's! I sure did love watching gay porn back then, and I guess not much has changed!
lumark630 2 years ago
Straight to gay record time. Lots of fun.
thumprjack 3 years ago
A Fuck'n CLASSIC !!
XamsterBoy 4 years ago
I'm guessing that this probably happened a lot in the 70's and 80's because there wasn't much else for horny teens to do.
necoc 4 years ago
classic stuff - one of my favorites young tops of the era
2bornot2b 4 years ago
got me very hard
calflover 5 years ago
"what do u like done to it" greatest line ever written
crownn 5 years ago
This is what happens when dicks get hard.
johnwaard 5 years ago
where is the rest of the movie....loveit..
lonelybimarried 5 years ago
This is exactly how I started when I was 13
jdu1990 5 years ago
Love it.Great cumshots
rkshue 5 years ago
What a hot fuck...I want that asshole next
UncutBoi 5 years ago
Hot brunette twink Scott Noll, rammed by Jeff Starr (notice all the double letters in both names?) in "The Summer of Scott Noll."
Casado-bi-ativo 5 years ago
Just great!
dirtypug40 5 years ago
Love how they used to slow-mo the cum shots, then play them like three more times lol... cheesy as fuck, but got me off way back in the day!
amoerectus 6 years ago
calflover 6 years ago
love the voice over
gw05cb 6 years ago
Love it! Nice cumshot!
ParkerMN 6 years ago
Nice Vintage Vid.
dexbi 6 years ago
great vintage vid
TMitchMd 6 years ago
Excellent vintage with all the flaws that made them fun to watch: dubbed soundtract with cheesy music and a corny, contrived plot. They are fun to watch, thjough, aren't they?
GOLDNEYE007 6 years ago
Classic clip. Scott Noll was cute
dolphin2000 6 years ago
SD24 6 years ago
nice...wish there was more of this
Timme271 6 years ago
raw vintage - YES
jetjr 6 years ago
Hot vid. Remeinds me of my college roommate and me. White tube sox and all.
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