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Wife at Club

Added by 6 years ago

White couple goes out to a black club in the 1970's, where the wife is then chosen to come up on the stage.The husband tries to leave, but his wife is taken up on the stage where she enjoys the company of three strong Black men.

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Dragoran 5 months ago
Cha cha! Ya
scottandlissa 1 year ago
It'd be way hotter if they made the husband just sit and watch!!
in reply to Unknown (Show the comment)
radiodictum 1 year ago
Sweet one.
justonemoreuser 1 year ago
Hot vintage!
Nipper6969 1 year ago
Nigger cock waiting for you hunni mmmmm
makiabear 2 years ago
great post
LordThunderstruck 2 years ago
A classic. Wish I could remember where this scene came from.
bobbie696 2 years ago
love to suck you babe
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bobbie696 2 years ago
ill take on any and all that wants to use me hard
middaysuck 2 years ago
Love how hubby gets thrown out!! It'd be just as hot if they made him watch - whining and whimpering the whole time
chicagojohn25 3 years ago
Wow, would like to go to this club
devilspy 3 years ago
Oh yeah, wife is a real winner! Lucky studs. Look how they are using her right on stage cuckold. Your wife, their fuck toy. Sexy hot wife slut. Should drag cuckold up there too. For his clean up duties. Stretch her tight married pussy. She is loving it. Real man loving. Look at her spread wide and give it all up cuckold. Cocks are so much better than cuckold's. They should have DP'ed the hot slut wife.
steve_canyon 4 years ago
name of this film??
bjlove 4 years ago
outstanding... straight to favs
quinet 4 years ago
JAMWARDEN 5 years ago
That wudn't happen at the local TUC WMC ,!!!
aryanchatterji 6 years ago
name of the movie ?
GOLDNEYE007 6 years ago
Classic clip
Mike-cuck 6 years ago
I love it. What a great fantasy. I hope the hubby was taken out back and beaten for being such a punk.
gate6 6 years ago
which movie is this from?
parq 6 years ago
great tits
gate6 6 years ago
sooo hot, thx for this upload
flamegoddes 6 years ago
in this movie it is to bad that the girl seemed like she was taking her time rubbing the mens cocks for ever and it seemed the girl was scared or was not into sucking the cocks
flamegoddes 6 years ago
4 stars for movie could have been better with better close ups any types of anal stuff and pussy licking and fingering the pussy and licking and finger this girls butthole and could have been better with long internal fucking of both holes cream pies would have been a wonderful touch in this ok of a slow movie
anubas69 6 years ago
nice vid
tbe9 6 years ago
CuckoldCouple 6 years ago
That would be so hot!!!!
creampielover 6 years ago
nice love old vids of ir porn
sunshine132 6 years ago
One of my fantasys!
bobdole99 6 years ago
Good old Rumpy-Pumpy. TFP.
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