Wife Naked Pizza Delivery

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Wife answers the door and gets touched up by the pizza guy. Husband hides

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Trex4u 5 days ago
Love ur wife
valentin34 8 days ago
tomp5331 19 days ago
Don't like the socks, take them off.
LH888888 23 days ago
Wow that was one of the better ones.
MayQcum 1 month ago
that's how I get such good prices on my pizza too
dilanG 1 month ago
yummy pizza slice
chubby671 2 months ago
i wish i was her
kenny01987 2 months ago
That's why you're here. I can make any analysis i choose. 
gogomojoxxx 2 months ago
Yeah of course, that's why we are here. Not for making obsessive analyzes on porn.
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kenny01987 2 months ago
Yea! Keep dreaming!
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gogomojoxxx 2 months ago
I don't need to deceive myself. It's just a video and this is what I think. I also observed their body languages and it's normal that we have different conclusion. It's not mathematic. You said that she did it for hubby and it made thought you meant she didn't like it. The old delivery man had a good time anyway. I believe one day he will fuck her too.
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kenny01987 2 months ago
You're entitled to your own opinion and believe what you want to believe. I never said you wasn't. Just stating the facts and body language of the video. I never said she didn't like it. Looks like you are reading/interpreting my comments wrong.
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gogomojoxxx 2 months ago
They may know each other. I don't think that any couple would do it with a person whom they don't know at all. With all that he is a true delivery man. He has all equipments. Also I don't believe any woman would do something like that just for pleasing her husband. Women are much more sensetive about sex and she wouldn't let a pizza guy see her naked and lick her pussy if she didn't like it. 
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kenny01987 2 months ago
He wasn't surprised. When he came in he said "Long time no see". He did this before with her, they probably just decided to record this time. No she wasn't going to let him go further or Fuck her. Every time he tries to stand up she subtly pushes his head back down. It looks like she does it for hubby because it turns him on. At no time was she going to allow him to Fuck her.
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ingomat 2 months ago
Pizza payments like that will ruin the gay one day
mik38 2 months ago
if she didn't wear these shoes  ... only socks I would have licked her immediately.
gogomojoxxx 3 months ago
I think they were natural. He was surprised actually and didn't know what to do. He tested her by giving a hug. After he saw that she is comfortable with his hug, he went farer. If she let him, he would probably fuck her too. She also appearently enjoy the stranger man's touches. 
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kenny01987 3 months ago
I first thought this vid was fake, i think it's real. Body language tells it all, the body never lies. When he gets there he comes right in and closes the door and says i think "Long time" he's delivered pizza to her before and knows what's going to happen. He definitely ate her out before the way he goes to his knees as if hes expected to. She comes out nude totally comfortable no look of surprise on his face, he's seen her naked before, they most likely did not video the first or other encounters and decided to record this time. She clearly is doing this for her hubby as it obviously turns him on, she doesn't touch his head at all while he's on his knees eating her out. When he does try and stand maybe to escalate further she subtly puts her hand on his head for him to get back down. She is making sure that it wont go further. She even gives him what's called the "Church Hug" as less body contact that she can give. It goes without saying he has no idea hubby is in he bedroom. VERY FEW women ALONE AT HOME will do something like this. They may do something like this at a hotel, cause they know the guy can't get too crazy and force themselves on him. Very few men that old guy get action like this, good for him. 
adultphoto 3 months ago
i like it
slutwifeandcuckold 3 months ago
esskayindian4u 3 months ago
 i wish my wife can do it
hyldalia 4 months ago
very interisting
bibotomandtop 4 months ago
A girl who thinks like you is a keeper too
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babasanfour00 4 months ago
شو رأيك بزيارة
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iggy12344 4 months ago
citizen_of_hamster 5 months ago
urfrendwithbenefits 5 months ago
yeah!! c'mon... let the dick in! :)
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Boots2613 5 months ago
Best naked pizza scene
nikossi 5 months ago
just perfect
marley44 5 months ago
Old man can't get enough of that sweet pussy.
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