Wife Swap

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mo42Dez88 1 month ago
I'd love to do this someday.
xxPhilxxx 2 months ago
I love this video
bibito71 4 months ago
my dream
1DoubleDare 5 months ago
We enjoy watching real swingers in action.
bryan7635 8 months ago
I so would love to do this
Oseeker 11 months ago
I enjoyed watching this one....The shorter haired chick sure came hard with her grunting like that....I LOVED that part!
BBWlover992 1 year ago
Jeff and Marie Ann are a hot couple
Drew9th 1 year ago
No...I live it
johnt 1 year ago
Love it
KnightUnderCover 1 year ago
This is Hot! I would Also like to have an experience like this with my wife and another couple. Thumbs up and added to my favorites; would Love to see more! Thanks for sharing!
playdohsa 2 years ago
I want it to be just like this for me and my wife.
chaspinkney 2 years ago
parker01 3 years ago
that one bitch is just too loud for my tastes.
pappie2 3 years ago
everybody happy nice ducking, nice girls, would like to see more of them
dartman42 3 years ago
Hot women each get another cock to tickle their pussies.
KnightUnderCover 3 years ago
Love it; These 2 couples are Awesome! Ended short before any cum, but still very hot. Thumbs up and adding to my favorites. (would love to see a part 2) Thanks for sharing!
handsonjob 3 years ago
Why end the clip in the middle?
lafayettein 3 years ago
I think this is a mirror image of a vid that has been out for a while. Like it but don't know why its flipped like this.
duesx 3 years ago
Awesome vid. I've always said it "Real people, real sex. Nothing better."
easybigfella2000 3 years ago
wish we could see more of the bearded fellow. Sexy!
Marbob 3 years ago
We love sharing! Kisses, Mar
KnightUnderCover 3 years ago
marcuddles 3 years ago
I would love to see the rest of this! Any suggestions?
sns332 3 years ago
enjoyed nice couples
Caged4Ever 4 years ago
Nice to see some couples enjoying each other. I liked how casual it felt, like the most normal thing in the world.
seeker73 4 years ago
The guy in the front of most of the video knew to get her open her pussy wider and wider. He used her legs to force her to take his cock balls deep and no doubt dumped his cum inside her pussy as she came.
SFValley_Cuck 4 years ago
Looked like a LOT of fun!!
SarahRichards 4 years ago
love it!!!
thokkuu 4 years ago
nice video, would be even better if someone could upload the complete version of it.
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