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Young stud fucks my wife...

Published by BBCformygirl 8 months ago

"He was so big...he was still stretching me when he made me cum, hard. He stretched me so wide, he's sooo big. I couldn't wait to cum on his bbc, it was heavenlystrong hard pulsating, throbbing pussy

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albanac64 3 days ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm SUPER MANI JARABI ALAHI ALAHI BRAVO
deliquixote 4 days ago
I watch this lady for many times...
marschall420 8 days ago
Amazing he truly has her under control .....may i say she is a very pretty woman
TaraKross 10 days ago
WOW! Amazing video.  I wish she was my wife!
Milfbone 2 months ago
That was hot. To have a wife like that...
rabza33 2 months ago
Superbe vidéo beavo
josefmey 2 months ago
That's exactly what I've done so often. Whenever our bull has some pressure on his pipe and he wants to release it but my wifey is not home, he can use one of my two holes to leaf his semen in. And I enjoy it every time to have his seed inside my gut or my stomach when my wife is coming home. 
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master11_11 2 months ago
wow very hot
manatezz 3 months ago
More please.
honkeydonkey 3 months ago
What a stud!  He's fucking awesome!   Damn, I want to get fucked by him!
Donsrowdy 4 months ago
As long as he is at least 16 and older my wife will do him
timebeing 4 months ago
Hot wife, hot fucking
simba9inch 4 months ago
Simply beautiful!  White wife taking and enjoying black cock raw - as it should be!
hunter448 4 months ago
Please tell me you have a sister who wants to be my girl and let me watch her fuck like you do. Amazingly erotic.
hunter448 4 months ago
Amen.  Hope we get to see your wife be pleasured.
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aldocella 5 months ago
 Very nice. He has a big cock. 
charlesT 5 months ago
Guess that's why some nights we only get handjobs.
Txblacc 5 months ago
Hot af!
Slutwifelover 5 months ago
she feel so good this BBC in her nice white pussy
hung_in_macomb 5 months ago
Great video!
HotwifeBeth 5 months ago
Damn! She loved that.
BBCformygirl 6 months ago
But he did, lol
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jonuk34 6 months ago
incredible video 
Stiltskins 6 months ago
nice young stud fucking a Hot mature Mama ..  no better mix there is 
LovinHusbandApproves 6 months ago
Yes, everyone wins.   Wives now loved for being erotic as they please.  And the husband is rewarded with a wife fully alive and happy and excited for the next encounter.  We love it.
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siciliani2009 6 months ago
We agree. It is fantastic for her and for him
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glider1 6 months ago
wov, she's hot as hell...
Donny76 6 months ago
You wife looks very sexy! She looks a pleasure to fuck while looking at that gorgeous horny face.
mistress_JEZZ 6 months ago
hot wife
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